5 Reasons To Attend Supernode 2023

5 Reasons To Attend Supernode 2023

Zoe Kelly 8 min
By Zoe Kelly

In 2022, the inaugural Supernode conference set the standard for ecosystem-focused conferences, with attendees calling it “Hands down, one of the best conferences I’ve been to in every single way.” 

We’re back for year two and this time, we’re heading to the golden coast: San Diego, CA from June 5-7. 

At Supernode 2023, you can expect: Sun. The ocean breeze. A luxury resort. Arcade games. Two-ish days of learning from and talking to the folks who are nailing ecosystem-led growth strategies. 

If soothing ocean waves aren’t enough to convince you, check out these five reasons you should attend Supernode 2023. 

1. You’ll hear real results that prove the impact of partner ecosystems. 

It’s been a tough year for SaaS and there’s more pressure than ever on GTM leaders to prove results and get the resources they need to drive and safeguard revenue. 

But, ecosystem-led growth (ELG) is trending upwards and for those buying-in, the power of partnerships is no longer relegated to a siloed partnerships team. For example: Sales teams are leveraging partnerships to shorten sales cycles and increase deal closure rates. Partner marketers sit on Marketing teams and work with partners to expand brand reach. 

Pictured below: We wanted to track the insurgence of companies leveraging ELG. We took the number of companies sharing data on Crossbeam and divided it by the total number of companies on Partnerbase, a database of every SaaS company in the world with a partner program. 

The results? The amount of SaaS companies with a partner program worldwide that are actively sharing data on Crossbeam has increased from less than 1% in 2019 to 5% in 2023. That tells us that, despite three years of fluctuating market conditions, ELG has been steadily increasing.

This graph represents the number of companies actively sharing data on Crossbeam divided by the total number of companies worldwide with a partner program (data collected from Partnerbase). Learn more in our 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report.

With ELG practices becoming more popular, go-to-market (GTM) teams are in need of tools and best practices that make partnerships cross-functional. Partnerships, sales, and other GTM professionals are attending Supernode 2023 to learn from the folks who have put ELG to practice.

You can expect:

  • Speakers who have proven results. We’ve meticulously selected speakers because of their ability to show both the results and step-by-step processes behind their successes. 
  • Hands-on workshops. Attendees get facetime with experts on using Crossbeam and other SaaS tools to drive ELG, with a selection of 12 masterclasses. (Plus, plenty of time for Q&A!)

Our lineup of speakers have made partnerships a priority org-wide and are leading the way in ecosystem-led growth. They’ve facilitated results like: 

Get your tickets today!

2. Last year’s attendees called Supernode “A perfect event”

Attendees of the inaugural Supernode 2022 flocked to Philadelphia, PA for two-ish days of learning, networking, and workshopping in the city of brotherly love. 

Here’s just some of what they had to say: 

“You guys F-ing NAILED it. I had a blast and learned so much, [and made] some great connections.” 

“I have SO many ideas of how to better report and show value. I have pages of notes.”

“It was extremely organized and planned out perfectly.”

“I honestly can’t think of a single thing I would have done differently for Supernode.” 

“Awesome job, looking forward to next year!”

“This was AMAZING. Your team killed it.”

Take a look and see for yourself. 

Chris Lavoie, Director of Ecosystem Development at Digital Bridge Partners (formerly Technology Partnerships Team Lead at Gorgias) and Jasmine Jenkins, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, on how Lavoie 4x’ed his team’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) through accelerated partner discovery and activation. 

Sarah Wang, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and Bob Moore, CEO of Crossbeam, on how strong partnership programs are signs of a safe investment amidst economic uncertainty. 

Attendees socializing and hosting meetings among artwork at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art between speaker sessions.

Supernode 2022 attendees during mainstage speaker sessions.

Supernode 2022 attendees posing with Crossbeam mascot PAM at the Barnes Museum for the conference closing party.

Check out last year’s Supernode speakers: 

3. We’re going bigger: more attendees, speakers, and tracks

While some might see Supernode 2022 as a hard act to follow, we see it as a challenge to go even bigger for this years’ event. 

Supernode 2023 will feature: 

Three tracks to choose from 

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered. Supernode 2023 is tailored to the maturity of your partner program. We have put together three separate tracks of speakers and workshops for you to choose from. Make the most of your time by selecting the track that will bring value to your ecosystem:

  • Ecosystem-Led Sales TrackEcosystem-led sales outperform outbound sales, but enabling sales teams to adopt ecosystem-led sales tactics can be difficult. This track features speakers who are already co-selling with tech and channel partners. 
  • Partner Manager Track — This track is for those who are either new to partnerships or building a new(ish) partner program. Speakers who have built successful partner programs from the ground up will share what they did to go from zero to leveraging ecosystem-led growth at scale. 
  • Partner Executive Track — This track features the workflows, soft skills, and real-world experiences that helped Partnerships, Sales, and other GTM executives and leaders take already-successful ecosystems to the next level. (Think: a breaking into new markets, an IPO, or something more.)

20+ Speakers 

With more speakers to be announced, the list so far includes: 

Want to be alerted when our next batch of speakers is announced? Sign up for our newsletter here

600+ attendees

With 600+ attendees, Supernode 2023 is double the size of Supernode 2022, meaning there’s an even larger pool of folks to network with. And what better place to book meetings with your new (or existing) partners and swap stories with the big players in your ecosystem than by a resort pool? Catch some rays and get facetime with other B2B SaaS companies. Including:

4. Rub elbows with the decision makers in the industry

81% of Supernode attendees are at the managerial level or above. In other words, you’ll meet the decision makers in your ecosystems who can greenlight your next partnership, help you land your next job, or even become your next mentors.

Getting facetime with attendees of various seniority levels can help you: 

Expedite processes that would take much longer over email. Instead of slogging through crowded inboxes and out-of-office messages, grab a seat by the pool and talk through your next partnership motion with your partner stakeholders. 

Strengthen your network. While Zoom coffees or Slack messages can be a great way to connect in a primarily digital world, bonding at a resort in San Diego can be a much more memorable foundation for a strong professional relationship. 

Address the pain point of driving alignment across teams.Because Supernode 2023 is for all GTM professionals, it’s a great place to chat with decision makers outside of your specific team. Chat with sales, marketing, and RevOps leaders from the Pavilion community. Get to know your partner’s VP of Sales and build the cross-functional relationships needed for ELG.

5. It’s going to be fun!

Unless you have the coolest job on the face of the planet (professional puppy petter, anyone?), chances are your typical Mondays through Wednesdays are spent in an office, at home, or in an assortment of trendy cafes. Supernode 2023 is a chance to get a break from the routine and have a little fun while you work: 

  • Get a little R&R between sessions. The home of Supernode 2023, the San Diego Town and Country Resort, is a great place to kick your feet up and soak up some sun next to the pool, at one of the three bars, or by a fire pit. 
  • Give your eyes a screen break. No Zoom meetings here, Supernode 2023 is an 100% IRL event. 
  • Let your hair down at one of our events. Join us for a welcome party, closing BBQ, and activities at Town and Country resort. Plus, we’re taking over the Punch Bowl in downtown San Diego for drinks, bowling, and arcade games. 

So mark your calendars for June 5th – 7th and grab your tickets — we’ll see you in California! 


Zoe Kelly 8 min

5 Reasons To Attend Supernode 2023

Supernode 2023 invited leaders and practitioners from partnerships, sales, marketing, and more to share how they're driving revenue and improving retention using Ecosystem-Led Growth. Supernode speakers achieved results like 30% YoY growth in partner-sourced revenue and generating millions in partner-sourced pipeline.

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