The 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report

Is “partner-sourced revenue” still trending, despite lowered revenue targets in 2022? Are webinars still the hippest GTM motion? Are Europe and the U.S. becoming partnerships-obsessed at the same pace? If only there was a tabloid covering the partnerships world. We’ve got something better. The 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report compiles data from 526 partnership and GTM leaders globally to reveal: The most and least popular KPIs in partnerships — and if the saying “You can’t measure what you don’t manage” rings true How B2B companies are adjusting their revenue and lead gen targets — including which company sizes are now held accountable for more, and which are held accountable for less How total compensation for partnership professionals compares across seniority levels, geographies, and gender Did you know? US partnership salaries, on average, rose by $18K since 2021. Sorry, we love a good spoiler.


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