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Lisa Hopkins: Navigating The Messy Teenage Years Of Your Partner Program | Supernode 2022

We’ve all been there. Growing up inevitably means going through the awkward teenage years. And while the journey of growing a partner program doesn’t involve acne and braces, it includes its own unique version of teenagehood. In her Supernode 2022 talk, VP of Partnerships at Amplitude Lisa Hopkins gave pointers on how to make it through the messy teenage years of a partner program. About Lisa Hopkins: Lisa Hopkins is an award-winning executive with more than two decades of experience in partner enablement and revenue growth. She is the Vice President of Partnerships at Amplitude and launched the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem in 2021, which includes more than 80 partners to date. Previously Lisa was the Global Segment Lead for Digital Customer Experience at Amazon Web Services, where she led the strategy and go-to-market planning. She enjoys new ventures, strategizing around whitespace opportunities, interacting with new people and companies, and the thrill of the win.


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