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Cristina Flaschen: Proving the ROI of partnerships | Supernode 2022

The concept of tech partnerships is still a baby in the B2B SaaS world. Tech partnership veterans typically only have a few years of experience on their resume, and they often need to navigate developing tech ecosystems from the ground up while facing challenges with buy-in and attribution. But tech partnerships are critical for shortening sales cycles, increasing ACV, and improving customer satisfaction and retention rates. Cristina Flaschen, CEO of Pandium, shares the business case of investing in your tech ecosystem and how to build a culture of partnerships across your internal org. Flaschen covers which data you should track and how (think: segmenting your data), attribution tracking tools and methods (like Gong, PRMs, and PEPs), and examples of companies that track the impact of their tech ecosystem really, really well.


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