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Alyshah Walji: It’s Time To Develop An Ecosystem Ideal Customer Profile | Supernode 2022

In his Supernode 2022 talk, Alyshah Walji, Senior Partnerships Manager at Alyce, shared that his team 4Xed their pipeline at his previous company Vidyard by developing an Ecosystem Ideal Customer Profile (EICP). This drives value for your sales and marketing teams and gets their buy-in while shifting away from a sales-based strategy to a solution-based strategy. About Alyshah Walji: Like a lot of partnership professionals, Alyshah started his career in enterprise sales. His venture into partnerships began when he realized how important tech integrations were to the success of his own sales cycles. Since his start in partnerships, he's helped define and take his tech integration programs from competitive differentiators to scalable revenue channels. Today, he focuses his time on building a first-of-its-kind supply chain partnership, helping bring together the benefits of traditional supplier-merchant partnerships and SaaS integration partnerships.


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