Ecosystem is Everything: How to Embrace Second Party Data With Crossbeam

Ecosystem is Everything: How to Embrace Second Party Data With Crossbeam

Amanda Groves 4 min
By Amanda Groves

In June 2021, Apple announced something that used to be unthinkable to marketers everywhere: It would no longer allow email senders to track opens in its email clients

Apple’s announcement is the latest in a long line of changes to the way we exchange data online. Google Chrome’s “cookiepocolypse” is coming in 2023. Major publishers like the New York Times are moving to other means of targeting. Third party data mainstays are an endangered species. Organizations, specifically marketers, are being forced to find a replacement — and quickly. 

At Crossbeam, we see thousands of our customers and users moving data in unique ways. And it’s clear that the age of third party data is waning. 

Taking its place? Second party data.

Second party data is first-party data from a trusted source, and there is no more trusted source than your partner ecosystem. Think: sending and receiving customer, leads, and opportunity data to and from your partners with exacting controls. To embrace second party data is to embrace the end of silos and the diversification of your workflows and insights using trusted data from your technology, integration, channel, and strategy partners. 

Shifting from a third party data mindset to a second party data mindset can take some adjustment. At Crossbeam we’ve created a suite of products and features that can get your partner data where you need it most — making Third Party data a distant memory. 

2x Partner Revenue With Our Enhanced Matching Engine

Missing, messy, and incomplete data often leads to connections that never happen and revenue that is never realized. Say for example, you organize by email, but maybe your partner sorts their data by domain. Getting your partner data to play well in the proverbial sandbox is not easy and often leads to blind spots. That’s why we used AI to create the industry’s most accurate and sophisticated matching engine.

Get the most out of your second party data with enhanced matching capabilities and automatic data cleansing. The matching engine helps you map accounts across multiple dimensions, delivering the industry’s most accurate account matches. Free up time to focus on your partner connections with ecosystem operations running in the background. The matching engine is continuously learning and growing to keep your partner data tight, targeted, and surfacing the hottest leads.

If you are using another partner ecosystem platform or (God forbid) spreadsheets, by switching to Crossbeam you’ll instantly double your account matches and revenue opportunities. Bye-bye blind spots, hello dollar signs.

The Partner Cloud

The cornerstone of second party data efforts, Crossbeam’s Partner Cloud is the world’s first ecosystem accelerator enabling you to send your partner data into your PRM, Sales Engagement platform, Data Warehouse, iPaaS provider, and much more. We’ve launched with more than 30 integrations and are adding more each month.

Watch our webinar “The 4 Ways to Use Partner Data” for real world second party examples in marketing, customer success, data analysis, and partnerships.

The Account Mapping Matrix

Size up your second party data opportunities at a glance with our account mapping matrix.

Connect with a partner and immediately reveal co-selling, co-marketing, and integration opportunities. For example: seeing a high overlap count between your customers is a pretty good indicator that an integration is in order.

Stop guessing and start knowing

Learn more about how real-time secure account mapping works in Crossbeam.

Standard Populations 

Coordinating with second party data was often cumbersome due to differing naming conventions and sales processes. After all, the terms you use in your CRM aren’t necessarily the same as your partner’s. Get on the same page with standard populations and which slots your data fits within actionable and predefined lists. No more “Who is in this list, again?” 

(Don’t worry you can still go custom if you’d like.)

Author and futurist William Gibson once quipped, “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

The second party data revolution is happening. If you’re not actively building your partner ecosystem, you’ll be left disadvantaged for the next generation of partner, marketing, and sales workflows. 

Amanda Groves 4 min

Ecosystem is Everything: How to Embrace Second Party Data With Crossbeam

There is a treasure trove of insights in your partner data. Here's how to take advantage of them.

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