How Gong x Chili Piper’s pipeline-acceleration partnership fuels their customers’ sales — and their own

How Gong x Chili Piper’s pipeline-acceleration partnership fuels their customers’ sales — and their own

Evie Nagy 4 min

In the best partnerships, each partner’s superpowers make the other one stronger, and customers get a more robust experience that solves even more of their pain points. Adopting both tools is a no-brainer, adding fuel to each company’s Ecosystem-Led Growth engine.


Revenue tech platforms Gong and Chili Piper have one of these winning partnerships. Both tools optimize customer interactions to generate and accelerate sales pipeline, but in very complementary ways — Gong through revenue intelligence, Chili Piper through automated meeting scheduling and handoffs. 


Their new integration, Chili Piper for Gong Engage, is designed to help sales teams close deals faster. The integration gives sales teams more momentum because it enables immediate meeting scheduling right within a customer interaction. It even lets users schedule on behalf of others and get round robin functionality.

Chili Piper for Gong Engage’s Instant Booker. Source: Chili Piper


The customer response to this new workflow has been so positive that Gong and Chili Piper’s own sales teams are finding big success by co-selling to shared prospects.


Here’s how they’re doing it:

Focus on your mutual customers’ experience

Technical partnerships require getting in the weeds of separate systems, but customers don’t care about what each company is contributing to the process or how it works — they just want a seamless workflow that helps them do their jobs better.


“We work well together because we have the same goals in terms of supporting workflows, making it easier for our customers, helping them save time, and ensuring that deals keep moving forward efficiently,” says Matt Schroyer, Director of Partner Marketing at Gong. “Chili Piper provides a critical scheduling and routing element of that.”


If you think about the overall customer experience above all else, the message to customers and prospects about the benefits of having both solutions becomes much clearer.


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Seize the power of co-selling to simplify both the sales process and the buyer journey

“We’ve been getting incredible feedback from our customers and prospects when we tell them about the new integration, like ‘oh my god that’s so great, and such a natural fit,’” says Alexis Petrichos, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem Marketing at Chili Piper. “I think the best way we can serve these customers is by integrating our two solutions, but also by making the selling process easier for our teams and the buying process easier for the customer.” 


For Gong, which is newly entering the sales engagement space, the integration is one of the keys to competing with big legacy players. 

“Together, Gong and Chili Piper are able to deliver an integrated solution with a streamlined buying cycle,” says Schroyer. “Scheduling is a key part of creating and converting pipeline, so leaning into our partnership during the sales process has helped us to create raving fan customers in a competitive space.”

Stay on top of ongoing opportunities

As part of their success in Ecosystem-Led Growth, Gong and Chili Piper use Crossbeam to identify and pursue any co-selling opportunity.


Crossbeam Account Mapping identifies the accounts where both partners’ prospects, open opportunities, and customers overlap — and Sales teams can see this information right in their Salesforce instance with Crossbeam’s Salesforce Widget. This means that Gong and Chili Piper can connect and make a plan to co-sell to each other’s customers or shared opportunities by pitching together and highlighting the benefits of the integration and using both tools. 


In Crossbeam, companies can choose to share intelligence about their respective customer interactions and product usage, identify the most promising co-selling opportunities, and tailor the warm intro or co-pitch to meet the customers’ specific needs.

Account Mapping in Crossbeam


“When our sales reps can see right away that their account is a Gong customer, we always get in touch with the Gong team and collaborate on understanding how we can support the customer together,” says Petrichos. “Gong is involved in those deals and Crossbeam is a very core part of our sales process right now.”


Schroyer says that account mapping with Chili Piper in Crossbeam is one of the most valuable ways they approach segmenting audiences and refining messaging for co-marketing and co-selling at Gong. 


“Knowing that we have these joint prospects and customers with Chili Piper helps us work together to learn about each opportunity and target those with the most engagement.”  


Evie Nagy 4 min

How Gong x Chili Piper’s pipeline-acceleration partnership fuels their customers’ sales — and their own

Gong and Chili Piper’s new integration gives their customers’ sales cycle a kick; co-selling it is their own secret ingredient for accelerating deals.

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