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Chelsea Graham: The Unglamorous Art of Winning Your Sales Team’s Trust | Supernode 2022

Chelsea Graham at Supernode 2022 : The unglamorous art of winning your sales team’s trust Sales reps are some of the most skeptical people on the planet. Yet, your success as a partnership executive will depend on how much your sales team cooperates. In this Supernode talk, Highspot’s Chelsea Graham shares the lesser-discussed aspects of aligning with your sales team and includes lots of results to back up her methods — including how she increased influenced revenue by 100% year over year. About Chelsea Graham: Chelsea recently joined Highspot, a sales enablement platform, to help build and scale the partner program. Within her first few quarters at the company, she has developed new co-selling relationships, built out core go-to-market partner sales motions, increased partner-attached win rates, and increased partner-influenced revenue by 15% quarter over quarter. Previously, Chelsea was at Tableau where she was a top-performing Account Executive and later a top-performing Partner Development Manager. As a partnership builder, she deployed a partner-led pipeline generation program and generated $2M+ in net-new pipeline within two quarters.


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