19 min

Brian Jambor: Building a Partner Program From Zero | Supernode 2022

So much has to go right in order to launch and scale a partner program. Who you report to can inform your partner program’s strategy and its success. The key performance indicators (KPIs) you’re responsible for will dictate where you invest and where you hold back — and, if the KPIs don’t match up with the possible return, it could impact how internal and external stakeholders perceive your ecosystem. Brian Jambor, VP of Global Channel Programs at Uberall, retells a story of a momentous Father’s Day hike — a metaphor for the importance of gathering the resources each stakeholder needs, laying the foundation for success, and aligning your GTM teams throughout the lifecycle of a partnership and the development of your partner program. Jambor speaks about developing your partner program thesis, defining the inputs and outputs, the pros and cons of a centralized and decentralized org structure, and more.


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