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Bob Moore: Partnerships Are the Most Effective Business Growth Lever | Supernode 2022

In his Supernode 2022 Keynote, Crossbeam Co-Founder and CEO Bob Moore shares his insight into the state of the partner ecosystem including: - The history of how the Crossbeam platform grew to support more than 8,500 technology companies. - What a volatile market means for partnerships. - How partnerships will be the most effective way for businesses to grow in the next decade. About Bob Moore: Bob Moore is Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships by discovering which customers and leads they have in common. Moore previously co-founded Stitch (Acquired by Talend in 2018) and RJMetrics (acquired by Adobe by way of Magento Commerce in 2016). Moore's writing about technology, startups, and data has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and numerous other publications. Outside of his day job, Moore has served as Board Chair of Philly Startup Leaders, improv comedy performer at Philly Improv Theater, and Trustee of the Glassboro Education Foundation.


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