24 min

Bob Moore, Lindsey DeFalco, Adam Michalski, Amanda Groves: Unleashing ELG with Crossbeam: Attribution, Revenue, Education | Supernode 2023

Bob Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of Crossbeam, shares the Crossbeam product roadmap and how we’re tying upcoming product features, the Crossbeam Academy, and Crossbeam Insider into advocating for Ecosystem-Led Growth. Hear from: Lindsey DeFalco, VP of Product, on Attribution and Collaboration in Crossbeam Amanda Groves, Senior Director of Product Marketing, about the Crossbeam Academy, Crossbeam Insider, and Connector Summit 2023 Adam Michalski, VP of Ecosystem, about automating co-selling using Sales Edge and the Crossbeam Salesforce Widget


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