18 Partnerships People You Should Follow On LinkedIn In 2022

18 Partnerships People You Should Follow On LinkedIn In 2022

Zoe Kelly 6 min
By Zoe Kelly

Partnerships requires professional relationship building. What better place to start than strengthening your own online network of partnerships professionals?

LinkedIn can be a great place to connect with other partnerships professionals, crowdsource answers to partnerships questions, and stay in the know about upcoming partnerships events and important online conversations. 

In order to help you strengthen your LinkedIn network (and curate a feed that is relevant to you), we have compiled our 2022 list of folks you should be following. You can check out our 2021 list here.

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1. Justin Zimmerman

Justin Zimmerman the Fractional Alliance Manager at partnerships strategy company Partnerplaybook.com. He keeps his followers up-to-date on the latest in the partnerships space with his “Weekly Partnerships Social News Updates”. He is also a guest author on PartnerHacker.

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2. Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia is the Partnerships Development Director at lead generation platform Lead Forensics. Garcia is also the Chief Executive Officer at Podbooking, a social media platform for podcast hosts. 

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3. Alicia Gan

Alicia Gan is a partnerships manager at Shopify upsell app AfterSell. Gan is also an advisor at YOCTO.

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4. Claire Gunter

Claire Gunter is the Regional Sales Director at content delivery platform bunny and previously in partnerships at Intercom. Gunter is also an advisor at Zingword, a platform for freelance translators. 

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5. Rasheité Calhoun

Rasheité Calhoun is a Manager of Business Development (Channels & Alliances) at HR platform Paylocity. Previously, she was a Manager, Strategic Partnerships at learning management system Open Sesame

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6. Margot Mazur

Margot Mazur is a Sr. Manager of Product Marketing, Partner Ecosystem at online whiteboard tool Miro. They have also worked at HubSpot as Sr. Manager of Platform Marketing.

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7. Shawn Li

Shawn Li is Vice President of Partnerships at Flip (formerly RedRoute), a customer service voice assistant platform. Previously Li worked as Senior Director of Partnerships at AI-driven lead engagement software company Conversica

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8. Chris Lavoie

Chris Lavoie works in BizDev and Partnerships at ecommerce resale platform Arrive. He is also the GM of Partner Manager Training at Partnership Leaders.

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9. Ben Wright

Ben Wright is the Founder of content marketing agency Partner Fuel and co-founder of Sidekic.ai, a platform using ChatGPT for job seekers.

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10. Jessie Shipman

Jessie Shipman is CEO and Founder of Fluincy, a sales enablement platform. Shipman is also a contributing author for PartnerHacker.

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11. Aleksi Mattlar

Aleksi Mattlar is a Partner Account Manager at business planning platform Pigment. As a sales professional turned partnerships professional, Mattlar provides a unique perspective on how to translate sales tactics to partnerships.

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12. Chris Castaldo

As the Chief Information Security Officer at Crossbeam, author of the book Start-Up Secure, Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute – George Mason University, and Founding Board Member of Security Tinkers, Chris Castaldo is an authority on cybersecurity in the partnerships and startup spaces.

He is also an advisor at Stitch, Tautuk, BalkanID, and SafeBase, and a member of the Board of Directors at Rallye for Vets

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13. Andy Cochran

Andy Cochran is the Head of Strategic Alliances at Drift, a conversation cloud platform. Get a preview of Cochran’s Supernode talk, where he spoke about how he makes partner intro requests (PIRs) and engages customers when they’re ready to buy using the “fast follow” here. (Think: When your prospect become a customer of your partner, it might be a good time to sell!).

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14. Dane Running

Dane Running is an Enterprise Account Executive at Crossbeam. As an advocate for partnerships amongst sales professionals, he gives insight into how partnerships folks can get their sales colleagues excited about co-selling.

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15. Allan Adler

Allan Adler is Managing Partner at Digital Bride Partners, a partner ecosystem boutique management consulting firm. He is also the Ecosystems Council Chair at Partnerhacker and the creator of the GoToEcosystem and GoToEcoOps frameworks. 

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16. Sara Du

Sara Du is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alloy Automation, a no-code e-commerce automation tool. She was named by a 2022 Retail Tech Power Player Business Insider and was featured as Forbes 30 Under 30 for Marketing & Advertising in 2023. 


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17. Yunita Hollinger 

Yunita Hollinger is Director of Alliances at Odaseva, a Salesforce enterprise data platform. She previously worked at headless commerce platform Nacelle as Senior Partner Alliances Manager. 

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18. Nelson Wang

Nelson Wang is the Head of Worldwide Partnerships at cloud collaboration platform Airtable. He also works as a career coach as the founder of 30 Day Dream Job, where he is a champion for folks looking to work in partnerships, and is the former Head of Worldwide Channel Partnerships at Miro.

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Zoe Kelly 6 min

18 Partnerships People You Should Follow On LinkedIn In 2022

A list of 18 partnership professionals that you should follow on LinkedIn to kickstart your network and Ecosystem development.

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