52 min

Sam Jacobs & Bob Moore: The Future of an Ecosystem-Led World | Supernode 2023

Bob Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of Crossbeam, shares the Crossbeam Network Graph with more than 14,000 companies* on Crossbeam and the rising adoption of Ecosystem-Led Growth among B2B SaaS and services companies. Bob also announces the launch of the ELG Alliance with more than 40 members* and his upcoming book: Ecosystem-Led Growth. Sam Jacobs, CEO of Pavilion, joins Bob on stage to discuss the state of the market, the current pain points among sales teams, and the need for CROs to modernize their go-to-market strategies. “Ecosystems may be the only defensible path to market in the future” - Sam Jacobs *As of July 2023, there are more than 15,000 companies on Crossbeam. *As of July 2023, there are 50 members in the ELG Alliance.


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